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Pamela Price, Cody Sky

Cody Sky has wanted to bang the fuck out of smoking-hot step-mom for awhile so he's excited and horny as hell when he discovers some nude flicks of her online! To keep Cody from tattling on her to his dad, Pamela Price nudges close to Cody, unbuttoning her shirt. They kiss as Cody's hand sneaks underneath Pamela's miniskirt and fingers her vag. She sucks his great jumbo weiner and then spreads her glorious thighs apart for a fierce vag-licking! Then, this beautiful MILF assumes the doggy-style position and moans to the high heavens as Cody smashes that muff relentlessly!

Comments(0) 10 March 2023, 1:18 pm

Margo Sullivan, John Strange

Margo got remarried a few years back and she was happy about it. The man was a little younger, well established, and didn't seem to have any major kinks in the bedroom that would ruin her day. But lately, as he's been getting older, she isn't getting the dickhead she wants, and some of the younger studs that come around the house are starting to look a lot more appealing. When her husband is out of the house, she invites one of the neighborhood mans over, and John Strange has no idea why he's there.

Comments(0) 3 March 2023, 11:41 pm

Kelly Leigh, Seth Dickens

Kelly is a 40 year old MILF who is craving the attention of her stepson. She's on her 3rd marriage and she is sexually attracted to the son of her husband who is half her age. Kelly is lonely because her new husband is always working and she is left alone in the house with the son. While her husband is away one night, Kelly hooks up with the younger stud and they start fooling around. They know they shouldn't be engaged in this sort of taboo sex, but he can't help wanting to deliver a hard pounding to the trophy wife. He slips her the meat and Kelly wraps her lips around the younger guy's hard erection as her poor husband is away.

Comments(0) 28 February 2023, 8:54 pm

Velvet Licx, Nick East

Velvet recently got married to a guy and she loves him a lot and wants to stay with him for the rest of her life. However his adult son, Nick, lives with the couple and Velvet is noticing a problem that she is attracted to him. Nick is also attracted to Velvet as he watches her around the house. The two of them want to be good and don't engage in the taboo sex between stepmom and stepson. However one day when Velvet's husband was away they had a little talk that turned sexual. Velvet promises she can keep a secret if Nick can. They both start in on some foreplay and before he knows it, Nick is banging his stepmom in his father's house.

Comments(0) 12 February 2023, 3:41 am

Helly Mae Hellfire, Bruce Venture

What a filthy banging mature bitch! Helly Mae Hellfire is the kind of horny older lady that every young dude wants to get a piece of. She seduces young dude Bruce Venture, flaunting her big juggs in front of him and then bending over to give him a flash of her bare bottom. Bruce eagerly enters her from behind, bending her over and thrusting his bulging, virile young erection into her firm cunt. She is perfectly shaved down below, with a gorgeous ass - and both her holes look incredible in doggystyle! The dirty bitch is panting for it, pleading young Bruce to give it to her harder and deeper - and she loves getting facially sprayed!

Comments(0) 22 December 2022, 12:41 pm

Vicky Vixen, Conor Coxxx

Have you ever thought about pumping the most forbidden fruit of all - your hot step-mom? Of course you have! Vicky Vixen finds her young step-son outside working on his car and invites him inside for some shade. This MILF starlet cuts right to the chase and pulls out Conor's shaft to see if he measures up against his dad. Seems he's even bigger! Blowing down his penis in no time, Vicky gets him iron hard and spreads her thighs for the hard cock-pumping she's always dreamed on. This can't be wrong when it feels so right!

Comments(0) 21 December 2022, 2:11 am

Rachel Love, Chris Strokes, Dan Deal

Our well-meaning son is concerned that his stepmom is cheating on his dad. Unfortunately he can't prove it without evidence. So he decides to set her up himself and confront her. First he sets up a hidden camera in his bedroom then starts jerking off while waiting for her to barge in. When Rachel Love finally goes in there and sees his hands running up and down his swollen cock, she gets so horny that she opens her mouth wide and starts to suck him off. She whips her big tits out and wraps them around his pecker, and then has him spread her stocking covered legs wide open to plow her MILF pussy until he cums on her big round tits. Now he's got the proof he needs to get her kicked out of the house for good!

Comments(0) 14 December 2022, 4:28 pm

Bridgett Lee, Mark

Bridgett has been married 3 times and she is really in love with her new husband who pampers her. The only problem is that she has sexual gropings for her new stepson. She fantasizes about having sex with her stepson and wonders what he would be like in bed. Mark also fantasizes about being with his stepmom, even though he doesn't require to disrespect his dad. One day when the two of them were home alone, Bridgett asked to see her stepson's tattoos. He had to take off some of his clothes to show her. And since his clothes came off anyway, hers came off too and they started to fuck on his father's couch.

Comments(0) 17 November 2022, 6:49 pm

Diana Prince, Joey Brass

Poor Joey Brass... his dad married Diana Prince, who's the Channel 5 news anchor but also the one girl he has been getting off to for years. Once she moved in, he tried to repress his sexual desires because it's his Dad's wife, but one day while he was fixing his step mom's car, things got a little too heated and his dick couldn't hide any longer. Diana pops out her fake titties and offers Joey her juicy pussy, luring her step son inside so she can give him the sex that they have both been craving.

Comments(0) 29 October 2022, 7:04 am

Brittany O'Connell, Dane Cross

Busty redhead milf Brittany O'Connell is hot as hell and begging the dick! She gets picked up out in public by stud Dane Cross and taken back to the crib for some horny fucking. She can't wait to get her massive boobs out and show them to her man and damn but they are awesome -100% natural and oh so fuckable! The horny slut has even got thigh high stockings and suspenders on, complete with no panties; she walked out the door this morning ready to get fucked! She takes a hard and rough and keeps begging Dane to give it to her even deeper - the slut wants all the hard cock that she can get! She swallows all the jism at the end of the video.

Comments(0) 25 October 2022, 8:28 am

Chennin Blanc, Robbie James

Chennin has recently got married to her third husband. She has had issues of staying monogamous in the past to her last two husbands and she's concerned about her new husband's hot son. She knows it's forbidden to lust after her stepson, but he can give her the kind of hard pounding that an older man like her husband can't deliver. Chennin attempts to have a talk with her stepson about their sexual tension, but the attempt is futile. While the father is out of town, Chennin begins to seduce her stepson and they end up in the bedroom together. He shows her just how he can deliver the goods with his younger, stud cock.

Comments(0) 20 September 2022, 5:49 am

Morgan Reigns, Sergio

Sergio went over to his father's house to meet up with him, but his father wouldn't be home for hours. While he was home alone waiting for his father, his new stepmom came home and they met for the first time. They chatted for awhile on the couch and got to know each other. After he stayed there for a few days, he noticed that Morgan had a killer body and she was sunbathing in her bikini. He admitted to her that he had an attraction for her and she admitted that she was curious to see what he was like in bed. So the two of them started getting it on on the couch where she sucked his cock and he slipped her the meat.

Comments(0) 10 July 2022, 7:28 am

Kitti Lynxxx, Mike Hawk

Kitti just got married to a new man that she loves and has incredible sex with. However her new stepson has just moved in with them and he's younger and even more attractive, and Kitti finds herself having feelings for him. She confesses that every time she has sex with her husband, she thinks about his son instead. One day as they were home alone, Kitti was wearing a shirt that showed off her nice cleavage and she couldn't resist the urge anymore. She began to seduce her stepson as she went down to suck his cock. He gave his stepmom a good banging on the couch as he fucked her in the high energy way that only a younger man could deliver.

Comments(0) 21 May 2022, 12:11 am

Alexis Fawx, Levi Cash

Alexis Faux isn't much older than her young, studly step-son, Levi. They've been playing this flirtatious cat and mouse game for months, but today, Alexis is hellbent on boning Levi. He can't stop drinking up her fantastic body, especially in that willowy, sky-blue dress. Then, she just fucking goes for it, stroking Levi's junk under his track pants. Shamelessly, he takes her into his bedroom and tosses her on the bed, her dreamy, long legs already spread. Sliding her elegant, blood-red panties aside, he dips his tongue in her cunt like he's bobbing for apples. She wants his stiff pecker now, to see how the son ranks against the father. Full of taboo passion, Levi drills his beautiful knockout step-mom sideways on the bed, as he bear hugs her tightly to his cock. For his final master-stroke, he pounds out the ever-slutty, big-titty Alexis until, like a shotgun blast, he splatters his dick spit all over her sweet cheeks!

Comments(0) 15 May 2022, 2:28 am

Kitti Lynxxx, Mike Hawk

Kitti just got married to a new guy that she loves and has incredible sex with. However her new stepson has just moved in with them and he's younger and even more attractive, and Kitti finds herself having touchings for him. She confesses that every time she has sex with her husband, she thinks about his son instead. One day as they were home alone, Kitti was wearing a shirt that showed off her nice cleavage and she couldn't resist the urge anymore. She began to seduce her stepson as she went down to suck his dickhead. He gave his stepmom a good banging on the couch as he fucked her in the high energy way that only a younger dude could deliver.

Comments(0) 9 May 2022, 12:34 pm

Persia Pele, TJ Cummings

Persia Pele is a lonely woman that requires more shaft. Her stepson TJ Cummings gets to provide it. At the bar in their home she comes on to him and the next thing you know she is mouthing his cock. Her deep cock gargling of his stiff tool turns him on and he returns the favor by licking her moist slit. Sitting on a bar stool she spreads her legs and he slips his pole deep into her womanhood. Standing doggy style she presents her wet vagina for him to slam his meat into. Continuing in the bedroom she rides him like a cowgirl. On her back they vary the positions till they end up missionary style. Probing it off his seed lands on her chest.

Comments(0) 1 March 2022, 8:11 pm

Janet Mason, McLovin

When the big titty blond milf Janet Mason's husband is at work, she gets down to the local basketball court, looking for a fresh piece of young fuck meat! She sees a shaven headed stud McLovin playing some b-ball, but soon he's in the car on the way back to his mansion. She might be over 30 but she's still sexy as hell, and Janet sure knows how to suck a dick! She even has her pussy licked a little bit by the shaven headed stud before he pounds the living shit out of her. One highlight of the fuck scene is when Janet is on her back, holding her legs as far apart as they will go by her ankles. She loves to take it hard and deep!

Comments(0) 27 January 2022, 1:41 am

Diamond Foxxx, Bill Bailey

It might look like Diamond Foxxx and Bill Bailey are enjoying your standard BBQ get together, but Diamond has more than just steaks on her mind. She's getting down on her knees and enjoying a stint at his penis, working her lips up, down, and around that enormous piece of stud steak. She doesn't even require to go in the house, so this MILF is getting nice and nasty right by the grill and loving the heat that they're making. If I were the neighbors I'd totally be checking out the blowjob BBQ party that's going on over there.

Comments(0) 26 December 2021, 2:28 am

Mae Victoria, Alex Gonz

Mae has a new husband who works all the time and she doesn't get as much sex as she would like. Mae admits that her husband's son from another marriage is hot. And while she is frequently left home alone, she fantasizes about being with the son. Even though she knows it is wrong and forbidden to bang her stepson, she can't get his man dick off her mind. Mae was naked in the hot tub one day when she called her stepson over to her. She started to seduce him and he resisted at first but then gave into her actions. Mae told him how it was torture that she didn't get enough sex from her husband and her stepson was glad to step up to the plate.

Comments(0) 13 December 2021, 5:54 am

Kara Nox, John Esposito

Kara is a new stepmom who was lounging around in her bra in the backyard when her stepson, John, was checking her out. John is a 19 year old raging hormone adult who finds himself watching his stepmom in the yard. They're both playing on the backyard equipment when Kara notices that John has a very nice, muscular body. She begins to seduce him by asking for his help with a workout routine. While John is helping her stretch, he notices that she has a bangin' body and things get heated. Their clothes fly off and then Kara went down to suck his shaft right in the backyard. The two of them move into the house where they bang in forbidden sex.

Comments(0) 3 October 2021, 9:04 pm

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